Why Conserve?


Pennsylvania has 134 species of trees. How many can you identify? Here’s a guide to help spot the most common ones.

Resources in Danger

Pennsylvania is a state rich in natural resources. Our mountains, valleys, forests, fields, rivers and streams have drawn people here to live and visit over these last few centuries.

These 28 million acres speak about our past and the actions of those who came before us. How we use and enjoy these lands and waters today will define what they mean to those who come after us.

What do you enjoy most about our commonwealth? Its natural beauty? Its varied landscapes? Its thousands of miles of streams and rivers? Its small towns bordered by forests and fields?

Take the time to discover the treasures of Pennsylvania. What you learn may surprise you. Those things that make Pennsylvania so special in your heart and mind—open spaces, trees and forests, biodiversity, lakes and waterways, outdoor recreation—may be in peril.