Why Conserve?


Penn's Woods

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One hundred years ago, Pennsylvania looked dramatically different than today. Mountains were stripped of their woodlands. Streams were choked with debris, sediment and pollution. Native species disappeared.

Thankfully, at crossroads that could have led to total destruction of Pennsylvania’s natural beauty and renewable resources, an environmental movement took hold, and reversed a dangerous trend.

Today, we are at those same crossroads. While our threats may not be as visual as a denuded landscape or sediment clogged stream, they are just as dangerous. Invasive species, forest fragmentation, species loss, and a changing climate, are all threatening our open spaces, biodiversity, forests and trees, and lakes and waterways.

The good news is these threats are creating a heightened sense of environmental awareness as we begin this century. Citizens, businesses, organizations, governments, and countries are paying attention and taking action so our resources are protected for future generations to enjoy.