Save Energy


Flip the switch on these bright ideas. They prove that being green can be simple, sensible, and enlightening!

Let the sun shine in! Solar tubes illuminate your home by reflecting, refracting, and concentrating natural light, cutting down on electricity costs for artificial lighting. Taking skylights to a whole new level, these efficient natural lighting systems are made by several manufacturers. Look for brand names like sun tunnel and solatube.

Illuminate your life sustainably. Replace energy-wasting incandescent bulbs with long-lasting, high efficiency compact fluorescents or LEDs. A 12 watt LED light bulb is as bright as a 60 watt incandescent but lasts 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy. Although they’re more expensive than compact fluorescents, LEDs are coming down in price and they don’t contain the small amount of mercury found in compact fluorescents. You can find LEDs online at Lowes and other select retailers.