Save Energy


Cleaner, greener choices. Can't install a renewable energy system at your home? Consider purchasing renewable energy from the grid. It may cost a little more your conscience will be carefree. Go here for a list of providers.

Clean Energy

Carbon free means freedom from air pollution and the reliance on foreign sources of fuel. Some of these technologies may seem futuristic, but they're available now and on the job making a difference.

Go where the wind takes you. Wind energy can be used to generate electricity for the home and it releases zero greenhouse gas emissions. A variety of horizontal and vertical wind power generation products are available for residential use. Go here to learn more about small wind energy systems. Try full-service companies like EECO, an iConservePA partner, for products and installation

Soak in these rays. Solar photovoltaic technology sends a clean, emission-free stream of electrons from the panel to your home. While the costs may seem daunting, federal tax credits and state rebates can bring them down to earth. Learn more here about solar PV and, when you're ready, talk to the companies listed in this directory of certified installers.

Thirsty for power? While small hydropower or micro-hydropower systems won't work for most homeowners, some may be in a physical setting that makes these technologies feasible. Water power is non-polluting and an energy-source that’s been tapped for centuries. Read this fact sheet from the National Renewable Energy laboratory.