Plant Smart

Trees & Forests

Pennsylvania: Penn’s Woods. When the meaning of your state’s name relates to trees and forests, you know they play an important role in our history and our future. From the time forests blanketed nearly our entire state, to present day where 60 percent of our land is covered in trees, Pennsylvanians have depended on their “woods.”

Trees are essential to life. At the most basic level, they help provide the oxygen we need to breathe, and they store the carbon dioxide. Trees beautify our cities, towns and backyards. They shade our homes, shield us from wind, and provide homes for Pennsylvania’s critters. Our forests serve as a playground for millions of outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The wood harvested from our forests supports a strong timber industry in Pennsylvania, and supplies the world with some of the finest timber available.

We can help provide you the information you need to protect and conserve what is in your backyard or community. By planting trees, you are helping Pennsylvania sustain a valuable renewable resource; and by continuing to buy wood products, especially those that come from well-managed forests, you are supporting one of Pennsylvania’s top industries.

Take the time to learn more about Penn’s Woods. One of the best ways to do that is to get out and explore our vast woodlands, your woodlands.