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These brochures provide information on native species, plus include a chart of several of the more common species:





Native Plants

When William Penn settled Pennsylvania in the 1600s, lush plants and dense forests blanketed 90 percent of the state. Abundant wildlife inhabited the lands and waters. These plants and animals were natives, and defined the Pennsylvania landscape. Today, that landscape has changed dramatically, but many of the species that that existed in Penn’s times, are here today. Sadly, many are not.
Pennsylvania—or Penn’s Woods—is rapidly losing those native plants that characteristically help to define our state. Invasive species, poor planning, overdevelopment and other factors are contributing to their loss. But you can help reverse that trend.
Buying native plants to help with your landscaping projects, whether it’s a small backyard, large lot, or municipal park, can help Pennsylvania save the species that call Pennsylvania “home.”
We can help you identify plants that work best for you, and plan a project that will turn your landscape into a native paradise.
Native plants are much different than any other plants. Not only do native plants provide benefits to the environment as a whole, they also provide value to you and your backyard. Because Pennsylvania’s native plants are meant to grow here, they thrive with less maintenance, thereby reducing the need to water and fertilize them. They also serve as pollinators, attract wildlife, and reduce other unwanted species.
In Pennsylvania, our native plants lend a sense of place that is recognized and enjoyed by citizens and visitors from all over the world. If our native plants continue to be replaced with species from other places, Pennsylvania will lose the natural beauty and resources that define the state. Native plants create beautiful landscapes that provide native wildlife with the best habitat and food they need to survive. Native plants also help to protect watersheds and maintain the unique natural heritage of an area.

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