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Kids and Parents

Time together in the outdoors can build family bonds and help instill a love for our natural world. Starting young with outdoor exploration will help to build a desire to care for our future resources. We only care about that of which we know.

Explore the Outdoors. Did you know Pennsylvania has a state park within a short driving distance of your home? Can you name it? What’s the difference between a state park and a state forest? Because these lands belong to the citizens of Pennsylvania, you are free to explore and enjoy! Ask your parents to take you soon.

One of the best ways to get started with learning about the natural world is through the DiscoverE program. Go on hikes, look for critters, build a bird house. Lots of fun for ages 4-17.

If you love the outdoors and would like to consider a career in a conservation–related field, you should consider attending ECO Camp, offered one week in the summer to high schoolers.

Smokey Bear. Who’s the world’s most famous bear? Why, it Smokey of course, and he wants to tell you how Only You can Prevent Wildfires. Did you know Smokey has his own zip code and Facebook account? Check out wildfire prevention puzzles and coloring pages.

Cosmo’s World. Join Cosmo the Flying Squirrel, Terra the River Otter and their friends on new journeys of environmental discovery.  Their videos are fun and informative on topics like biodiversity, endangered species, water and energy. There’s never a dull moment on Cosmo’s and Terra’s adventures!

Geology. Who doesn’t love a fossil hunt or discovering a new rock or mineral? Collecting rocks and fossils can be a lifelong activity that gets you exploring the outdoors! Check out some images of fossils to help with your identification. If you really want to impress your teacher or friends, identify Pennsylvania’s state fossil.

Games and Fun. There are plenty of fun sites to get you interested in exploring the outdoors and learning about our natural world. Try these coloring pages of critters and natural scenes. DEP’s Just for Kids site has games and information on many environmental topics, from recycling, to falcons, to energy and water. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has a kid’s fishing magazine that’s bound to “hook” you. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has fun identifier quizzes, videos, coloring pages and games relating to Pa. wildlife.

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