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Our homes are our castles, no matter if they are tiny apartments or actual castles. We can all take steps inside our homes or in our yards (if we have them), to save resources. Try on some of these ideas.

Inside your home. Big changes, little changes all make a difference in the amount of energy and water you consume and waste you produce. Many of these changes can help save you money in the long run. Check out the My Greenhouse and Save Energy sections of iConservePA.

Around the yard. Whether you have acres of forests and fields, or a small city patch, how you manage your outdoor space can have a big impact on the environment. The My Greenhouse section of iConserve can get you started. If your landscaping techniques could use a little help, use the Plant Smart section of iConserve for ideas on native plants. Is your backyard just a balcony? Then try these tips for small gardens.

Find more help through these topics:

 • Common Trees

 • Tree Pests and diseases

 • Storm water

 • Rain gardens

 • Composting

 • Sinkholes, landslides, earthquakes

 • Private water wells

 • If you make more choices to buy food that’s grown nearby your home, or if you choose to recreate in parks and forests just a short drive away, you are supporting local economies and cutting back on emissions. Learn how to put the local in your living.

 • Everyone likes to save a little cash. These tips help you do just that and help conserve natural resources too, especially water!

 • Some are lucky to own a piece of Penn’s Woods. If you are managing a woodlot, small or large, look here for resources, including Penn State Forest Stewardship Bulletins. DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry Service Foresters are well suited to provide advice and expertise on managing your woodlot.

 • If part of managing your property includes shale gas extraction, then look to DCNR for best management practices.

 • So many places and organizations could use an extra hand. Whether it’s a few hours or a lifetime commitment, volunteering can make a world of difference.

 • Still have questions? Ask an expert.

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