Live Local


Sign up for a CSA program—fresh, local produce without the dirt under your fingernails. Find one near you here. You'd be surprised at how much is right around your home.

As you travel to and fro, look around you and think about what makes your community really great. Does the local farmer sell produce in the growing season; is there a park or trail down the street; is your community walkable or bike friendly?

How do you make sure you keep the things that make you want to live and work there?

"Living local" is a concept of making local purchases for products and services to reduce our carbon footprint and create more sustainable communities. It means buying local to support our working neighbors with our business, our time, our praise and referrals so that they remain vibrant. It means choosing ways of getting around that don’t always rely on jumping in the car. And, it means exploring the outdoors in your yard, neighborhood and just around the corner when you need to unwind and connect with nature.

Remember, even one action from each of us can make a difference.