Live Local


Bicycle-share programs in big cities are catching on. For short trips around town, borrow your wheels instead of using a car. Pennsylvania's big cities, like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg now each have a bike-share program.

Getting Around

Our society has become dependent on our cars, but other options abound. Try and work one alternative into your travels each week.

A trail from here to there. We often think of hitting the trail to spend some leisure time on the weekend, but don’t forget that trails connect one place to another and can provide an alternate means for a commute to jumping in the car. Pennsylvania has thousands of miles of trails, so there's bound to be one close to home. Find out about all things trail related at

Green Your commute. To help Pennsylvania residents explore the many alternative transportation options available across the state, a PENNDOT web site,, offers a world of ways to "green" your commute through car pooling, transit, biking or walking. The site includes a Match & Ride tool that helps people quickly find car pool partners, shows what public transportation options are available in each county, and, overall, serves as a one-stop shop for ways to save money on transportation while helping the environment.

Be cool – carpool. Save gas, save money and help save the planet. Coordinate travel plans with friends and family and make that trip in one vehicle. Get together with co-workers and find those who share your commuting route. Make the connection with other carpooling conservationists close to you.

Plan your path. Combine trips to get more accomplished in one drive. Better yet, put on the walking shoes, take in some fresh air, and stroll your way to local destinations and improved health. Consider public transportation. Relax and read the paper on a bus or train ride. Go here to find public transportation options in your Pennsylvania community.

Cycle to your site. Saddle up on your bike and pedal for a change—a change for the better for your waistline and the world. Leaving the car at home two days a week and riding to work or school can reduce your individual CO2 emissions by more than 1,500 pounds a year. If you need motivation, use the excuse of Bike to Work Day, held the third Friday in May (during Bike to Work Week).

Scooters an option. Scooters give your legs a break, but are still eco-savvy, some exceeding 100 miles per gallon. Honda, Yamaha, Vespa, and other manufacturers make a variety of models that are easy to drive and easy on the planet. Limit your emissions to zero with electric scooters like those from iConserve partner Z Electric Vehicles that are clean, green, and fast (with speeds to 80 mph).