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We've identified 25 must-see state parks.  How many have you been to?

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Sometimes we think of "wilderness" or "nature" as in the far-away rain forest or on the plains of Africa. Don't forget the nature close to home, starting in your own backyard or your local or state park or forest!

In your yard. Studies show time in nature makes you nicer, so don't wait until your next getaway. Walk out your back door and observe the plants, birds and other natural phenomena around your home. Report what you see to our Citizen Science Investigator, or CSI PA, web page. TreeVitalize encourages citizens to learn more and plant trees around their homes and in their communities. Remember, trees common to Pennsylvania are a great choice. Audubon at Home also has some ideas to make your backyard more inviting to wildlife.

Around the corner. Natural areas and parks in your community are a great place to reflect or be active outdoors. More and more municipalities are looking to sustainable practices to make their green spaces inviting for people and wildlife. Encourage your local leaders to "green" your parks, and then make sure you visit them! Many local parks and recreation areas are now hosting Get Outdoors PA events, where a wide selection of outdoor recreations --from fly fishing, to kayaking, to guided hikes -- are being taught and enjoyed!

Within 25 miles. We have 120, so what are you waiting for? There is a state park within 25 miles of nearly every Pennsylvanian, accessible to everyone and available year round. Pennsylvania state parks have been named as best in the nation. Each offers a special experience and is worth the visit. Spend the day, stay the night, be enriched by the natural surroundings. There are thousands of Get Outdoors PA recreation events in state parks waiting for you.

Off the beaten path. If you are looking for a more remote outdoor experience, then a visit to one of Pennsylvania's 20 state forests is in order. The state forest system houses 2.2 million acres of woodlands, and boasts thousands of miles of trails suiting nearly every recreational interest. Fishing, hunting and hiking are the top uses of these lands that have been protected for more than 100 years.

Happy trails. Pennsylvania is blessed with a network of thousands of miles of trails to suit various recreational pursuits. Our state is a national leader in converting abandoned rail beds to hiking/biking paths. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, ATV riding, heck, even water trails! Your one-stop shop for information is Explore PA Trails.

Exploring Penn's Woods. The state's official travel web site can help you plot your adventure. From overnight accommodations, to events, to eateries, this is your go to place for trip planning in Pennsylvania.